How to Cancel Zomato Order? Step-By-Step Guide

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In case you want to cancel a Zomato order, you could follow those widespread steps.
Understand that the exact procedure may additionally range slightly depending onthe model of the Zomato app you are using. It has been seen in many cases that many times you have to cancel your Zomato order because your order is either placed by mistake or you do not like it.

The way to How to Cancel Zomato Order

Open the Zomato App: Release the Zomato app for your cell device. Make certain you are logged in in your

How to Cancel Zomato Order? Step-By-Step Guide

Navigate for your Orders: Search for an “Orders” or “Order records” segment in the app. That is typically located
in the bottom menu or in the account/profile section.

Select the Order to Cancel: Find the unique order which you need to cancel from the listing of your current
orders. Click in order to view its details.

Take a look at Cancellation policy: Evaluation Zomato’s cancellation coverage to understand any capability fees or

boundaries related to cancelling your order.
Find the Cancel alternative: Within the order information, there should be an option to cancel the order. That is usually represented via a “Cancel Order” or comparable button.

Provide a cause (if required): Zomato may spark off you to offer a cause for cancelling the order. Pick the best reason from the given options.

For more information, you can take the help of this image, in this image you have been told four steps, with the help of which you can cancel your Zomato order.

Verify Cancellation: Affirm your selection to cancel the order. A few apps may also ask for a very last
confirmation before processing the cancellation.

Take a look at for Refund (if applicable): If you’ve made any price, test for facts concerning refunds. Zomato will typically
refund the quantity paid if the cancellation is within the allowed time body.

Touch customer support (if needed): In case you come across any issues or if there are unique situations, consider
reaching out to Zomato’s customer service for assistance.

Display Order reputation: After cancelling, take a look at the order status to make sure that the cancellation
has been processed efficiently.

Remember, the capacity to cancel an order and the associated policies can vary based on the eating place, vicinity, and Zomato’s terms of service. If you stumble upon any problems or if the cancellation option is not available, it’s endorsed to touch Zomato’s customer service for assistance. Moreover, be aware about any
cancellation fees or restrictions that may be observed for your particular order.

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