How Do You Identify an Original Samsung Wireless Charger

Using any other company’s charger in any smartphone has adverse effects. That is why you do not buy inferior or cheap chargers from the market.
You should always buy a genuine charger so that your phone remains safe, today we will know how to tell whether Samsung wireless chargers are genuine or fake, so that we can help you buy a good charger.

Identify an original Samsung charger

Original Wireless ChargerFake Wireless Charger
The serial number remains the same on genuine and counterfeit The serial number remains the same on genuine and counterfeit
Real but black is dark While light is dark
The real one is a complete art The fake one is not complete art
The fake one is titled blue The fake one is titled blue
The original one does fast-charging fake one, not a fast charge

Packaging – Make sure the stickers are stuck on the Samsung wireless charger. The box is a circular transparent type sticker.

If you see that normal tape is being used to stick the box, it is probably a counterfeit product as it means the box has already been tampered with (maybe to sell you Remove the original charger and put it in the fake charger? No one knows!)

Packaging Printing – Have you unwrapped a brand-new Samsung fast wireless charger, eager to explore its capabilities? Excellent! Now, take a moment to scrutinize the intricate details printed on the rear of the packaging.

Authenticity often reveals itself through the quality of these prints, transforming your unboxing experience into a detective’s quest.

The genuine Samsung packaging boasts of faulty print on plastic canvas. This is a testament to the commitment of companies like Samsung, who want to ensure that the packaging also reflects their dedication to quality.

As you inspect these prints, keep an eagle eye out for clarity and precision. Authenticity shines through every crisp line and sharp letter.

  • Operating Manual- Beware of the Operating Manual: If you encounter a paper pamphlet that resembles your product’s manual, there’s a chance that you might be in possession of a counterfeit item.
  • Based on my last verification, legitimate manuals typically come in the form of compact booklets, containing instructions in various languages.
  • If your product exhibits all the signs mentioned above, it’s highly probable that you have a counterfeit product in your hands. Samsung wireless charger real or fake in India
  • Alternatively Samsung wireless charger genuine or fake, you have the option to stick with the fake charger or go out in search of securing an authentic replacement. The decision is in your hands.
  1. How to know if Samsung charger is genuine?

    Android chargers are all different but they should be marked with the phone company’s logo.

  2. Do Samsung chargers have serial numbers?

    All genuine Samsung key chargers must have the Samsung logo. The words (TRAVEL ADAPTER A ) serial number

  3. What to know before buying a charger?

    Android chargers are different for every company but the charger should have the company’s logo on it.

  4. How do I know if my Samsung charger is original?

    To verify the Samsung charger, look at the writing status, logo, and USB output. If you use a third-party charger your phone will charge slowly and the charger may get hot. Make sure to buy Samsung chargers directly from the website or from trusted retailers.

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