Meta Orion True AR Smart Glasses Launch 2024 Report

meta orion true ar smart glasses launch 2024 report

Meta is rumored to launch true Augmented Reality (AR) smart glasses and it looks like we might get a glimpse of them later this year. According to a report from Business Insider citing unnamed sources, Meta plans to showcase a prototype of these glasses, codenamed “Orion, at its annual Connect event this autumn.

It’s important to differentiate these Orion glasses from Meta’s existing offerings like the Ray-Ban Stories smart glasses and the Quest VR headset. While the Ray-Ban glasses offer some basic features like voice assistant access and a camera, they lack visual AR elements. Quest headsets, on the other hand, are primarily designed for virtual reality experiences with some limited mixed reality applications.

The main feature distinguishing the Orion glasses is their true ARĀ nature, which may change with more advanced technology capable of overlaying digital information on the real world through the lenses. However, little is known about the specific functionality and capabilities of these glasses. I don’t have any proof yet.

The report highlights internal pressure on Meta to deliver high-quality demos, with some employees even experimenting with advanced prototypes. Despite this pressure, it is important to note that the Orion glasses are not expected to be commercially available any time soon.

Before the Orion Glasses arrive, we could see a third generation of Ray-Ban smart glasses in 2025, which are rumored to include a neural interface band for inputs.

So, should Meta unveil an impressive and functional prototype of true AR smart glasses this year?

This would certainly be a strategic step toward convincing the general public about the potential and desirability of an AR-filled future. However, it is important to remember that this is likely the beginning of a long journey, and widespread adoption will need to address both technical and social considerations.

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