Samsung Galaxy S26 Chipset 2nm iPhone 17 Report: like iPhone 17 Pros

Does your phone run out of battery quickly? Does it get hot? Don’t worry, Samsung is coming up with a new chipset that will solve all these problems! Exynos will no longer be left behind: Samsung’s Exynos chipsets have always been less energy efficient than Qualcomm’s Snapdragon chipsets. But now things are about to change.

New Exynos 2500: The upcoming Exynos 2500 chipset will use a 3nm manufacturing process, resulting in major improvements in energy efficiency and performance. This means your phone will last longer, work faster, and won’t heat up.


  • Samsung’s upcoming Exynos 2500 chip (3nm process) promises significant improvements in battery life and phone performance.
  • This Exynos 2nm chip is believed to enter mass production in 2025, possibly by the time the Galaxy S26 series is delivered.
Samsung Galaxy S26 Chipset 2nm iphone-17 Report

Samsung’s Project Tethys (Rumors)

Samsung has announced via its Samsung Electronics website that it will mass produce 2nm architecture for mobile devices by 2025 using its fabs in Korea and Texas. So we can expect the 2nm chip, likely called the Exynos 2600 SoC, to come to the Galaxy S26 series launching in 2026.

Meanwhile, if the rumors are true, Qualcomm may continue to use a 4nm process for its Snapdragon 8 Gen 4 SoC. This could potentially give Samsung a boost. Even if Qualcomm chooses TSMC’s 3nm node, Samsung may still have a more efficient design. The real difference will depend on how well it performs in practice.

TSMC, which makes chips for Qualcomm, will be busy meeting Apple’s huge demand for chips for iPhones and Macs. This could give Samsung an opportunity. Although TSMC is rumored to have the capability to make 3nm and 2nm chips, Apple’s high demand could still be a significant hurdle.

Note: Now let’s see what is true and what is false. As soon as we get any information related to this, we will update you.

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