How to use Free Wifi on Android Smartphone without knowing his Password: 6 Easy Steps

Is it possible to connect to a Wi- Fi without knowing password? The answer is yes, so how to connect Wi- Fi without knowing password? Let’s take a near look How to use Free Wifi on Android Smartphone .

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These days, passwords are required to access Wi-Fi networks to be able to encrypt facts transfers and prevent unauthorized users from connecting. But having to give your pals a lengthy string of alphanumeric characters whenever they go to your house makes it a little disturbing after they ask for the Wi-Fi password.

You can look for a technique to connect to loose Wi-Fi without a password as a way to save you this case. So, how can an Android phone with a wi-fi network with out a password? Now go locate a few useful techniques inside the subsequent phase.

What is Instabridge App?

Instabridge is an app that allows users to get entry to heaps of unfastened WiFi hotspots around the sector. It gives a map of available WiFi hotspots and their passwords, allowing customers to connect with unfastened WiFi with out knowing the password.

The app also lets users share free hotspots they find with their friends. Additionally, Instabridge offers a secure VPN service that provides unlimited access without any limitations, while ensuring online activities remain private and secure. The app is available for both Android and iOS devices and is free to use, although it also offers more comprehensive paid features to connect to better-encrypted WiFi networks.

Features of Instabridge:

Instabridge is an app that offers numerous features to help users get admission to loose WiFi hotspots.

  • Access to Free WiFi Hotspots:  Instabridge presents access to hundreds of loose WiFi hotspots round the arena, permitting users to attach without the want to recognise the passwords.
  • WiFi Hotspot Sharing:  Users can share the free hotspots they find with their friends, creating a network of WiFi sharing.
  • WiFi Map: The app displays to be had WiFi hotspots on a map, making it clean for customers to find and connect to hotspots in their area.
  • WiFi Password Storage: Instabridge lets in users to store public WiFi hotspot passwords in an internet time table, which may be shared with pals on systems like Facebook.
  • Automatic Connection: Once connected to a hotspot, the app may be set to routinely connect to to be had hotspots in the future.
  • Secure VPN Service: Instabridge gives a secure VPN provider that provides limitless get right of entry to with out obstacles, making sure the privateness and safety of users’ on line sports.
  • Offline Map: The app capabilities an offline map, making it a useful travel accomplice for finding hotspots without the usage of information.

It’s critical to be aware that even as Instabridge is unfastened to apply, it also gives extra complete paid functions to connect with better-encrypted WiFi networks.

How to use Free Wifi on Android Smartphone Step by Step Guide:

Step 1: Firstly if you don’t have this app, You can download.

Step 2: Open the app and login credentials of this app. And close

Step 3: Now, again open the app, and click on the Map.

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Step 4: And select any wifi near you area, tap “show password”.

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Step 5: Tap “copy password” and close this app.

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In conclusions, Instabridge is a precious app that offers customers with get admission to to free WiFi hotspots around the arena. Its functions, which includes WiFi hotspot sharing, a WiFi map, automated connection, and a steady VPN carrier, make it a convenient device for getting access to and sharing WiFi networks. However, it’s important for users to use the app responsibly and admire the privateness and terms of use of the WiFi networks they connect to.

Additionally, while the app is loose to use, it additionally offers paid functions for connecting to better-encrypted WiFi networks. Overall, Instabridge is a useful solution for locating and connecting to loose WiFi hotspots, specially for users who are trying to shop on information usage and stay linked while on the move.

Is it safe to use Instabridge?

Instabridge is steady to apply, but it’s miles vital to use it responsibly and respect the privateness and terms of use of the WiFi networks you connect with

Can I share WiFi hotspots with my buddies on Instabridge?

Yes, you can share the free hotspots you discover together with your friends on Instabridge.

Is Instabridge available for both Android and iOS devices?

Yes, Instabridge is like minded with iOS and Android smartphones.

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