Generative AI vs Conversational AI: What is the Difference

In today’s article, we will discuss the difference between generative AI and conversational AI, and how they work.

Generative AI: Generative AI refers to technologies that can create something new, such as text, images, audio, video, art, music, or stories. This is a kind of creative Machine, That works on the commands given by the user. And its main purpose is to provide us with help and information. The difference is that Generative AI creates something new, while Conversational AI talks to us.

A simple example is when you type input into ChatGPT and it provides text-based content as a reply to the given input, you can give multiple inputs at Once, Which is provided in text form.

generative ai vs conversational ai
generative ai vs conversational ai

Conversational AI: In simple terms, through NLP (Natural Language Processing), Conversational AI can mimic human-like conversations. NLP helps AI understand human language patterns and Gives it the ability to “interpret, infer, and understand” As we communicate with Siri.

A good example of conversational AI is your everyday Alexa (or in the case of Siri). Products like Alexa are programmed to provide pre-written responses to your commands.

generative ai vs conversational ai
generative ai vs conversational ai

What is the Difference Between generative AI and Conversational

FeatureGenerative AI ChatbotsConversational AI Chatbots
Basic FunctionGenerates new creative text formats such as poetry, code, scripts, music pieces, emails, letters, etc.Mimics human conversation by understanding and responding to user questions in a natural and engaging manner
FocusCreativity and originalityRealism and human-likeness
InputText, code, or other dataNatural language text or speech
OutputNew creative text, images, musicHuman-like responses to user questions
Training DataLarge datasets such as the internetLarge datasets of human conversations
ApplicationContent creation, research, coding, images… and much more…Customer service, virtual assistants, and chatbots
ExamplesChatGPT, GPT-3Amazon Lex, IBM Watson Assistant, Google Dialogflow

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