Unleashing the Giant: Fazel Atrachali's Surprise Raids in PKL 2023

Meet Fazel Atrachali, the formidable captain of Gujarat Giants in Pro Kabaddi League 2023. Known for his robust defense, Fazel surprised everyone in his 100th match as skipper by going on three raids against U Mumba.

Explore Fazel's dominance as a heavy-duty defender and understand why raiding opportunities are rare for him. Witness how he instills fear in the opposition with his sheer brute strength.

Fazel's Defensive Prowess

Despite two empty raids, Fazel clinched his first raid point in a do-or-die situation. Analyze the strategic move that showcased his strength and left the opposition in awe.

First Raid Point

Witness the intense moment when Fazel faced a defense of five, including Surinder Singh. See how Fazel skillfully tackled Singh, throwing him to the floor and effortlessly walking back into his half.

 Fazel vs. Surinder Singh

Get an overview of the thrilling Pro Kabaddi 2023 match between Gujarat Giants and U Mumba. Discover the key moments that led to Gujarat's narrow 39-37 victory, marking their third consecutive win.

Gujarat Giants vs U Mumba Match Overview

Meet Sony Jaglan, the emerging raiding sensation in Pro Kabaddi, who played a pivotal role in Gujarat's triumph. Explore how his super 10 performance contributed to the team's success.

Sony Jaglan – The Raiding Sensation

Despite a valiant effort from Guman Singh, who scored 10 points for U Mumba, it wasn't enough to secure a win. Analyze the factors that led to U Mumba's defeat despite Singh's impressive performance.

Guman Singh's Fight for U Mumba