Unlocking the Potential of Generative AI

Generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a transformative technology with immense untapped potential, playing a crucial role in various applications. Many experts believe that we have only begun to scratch the surface of what this technology can achieve.

Generative AI is not limited to standalone models but extends to various tools, including AI chatbots. The creative use of generative AI is becoming increasingly prevalent in different technological applications.

Beyond Standalone Models

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Bottleneck in Integration: Understanding AI Hallucination

Despite its potential, a significant hurdle in the adoption of generative AI is AI hallucination. Even tech giants like Google, Microsoft, and OpenAI grapple with this challenge.

Bottleneck in Integration: Understanding AI Hallucination

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Decoding AI Hallucination

Tech firms are grappling with AI hallucination, acknowledging the need for tailored solutions. Microsoft emphasizes post-training interventions to mitigate hallucinations on arbitrary facts.

Navigating the Challenge

IBM proposes six strategies to combat AI hallucination, including using high-quality training data, defining AI model purposes, and implementing data templates. The emphasis is on preventing biases, ensuring consistency, and establishing clear boundaries for AI models.

IBM's Approach to Tackle AI Hallucination