Top 5 banks offering low rates on home loans above Rs 50 lakh



Before applying for a home loan, it is advisable to compare the interest rates of different banks to find the most suitable option.

Here are some banks offering the lowest interest rates for home loans above Rs 50 lakh:

For ICICI Bank, interest rates on home loans between ₹35 to ₹75 lakh vary between 9.5% to 9.8% for salaried individuals and 9.65% to 9.95% for self-employed borrowers


HDFC Bank offers standard home loan interest rates ranging from 8.9% to 9.6%, while special rates vary between 8.55% to 9.10%.

HDFC Bank 

SBI home loan interest rates vary depending on the credit score of the borrower, ranging from 9.15% to 10.05% for different credit score brackets.

State Bank of India

PNB home loan interest rates are 8.40% for credit scores above 800, 9.45% for scores of 750, 9.90% for scores of 700-749 and 11% for lower credit scores.

Punjab National Bank

This state lender maintains a constant interest rate range of 8.4% to 10.6% for all borrowers.

Bank of Baroda