Google Gmail launches new tool to stop spam emails. There will be no scam now. Know the information.

If you are troubled by spam emails, Gmail has brought you a new feature. Google is calling it the most effective upgrade in recent years to stop spam emails in Gmail. Google has brought the RETVec.

Till now, many junk and unique character emails have been used to escape from Google’s system and reach the users, but with the new tool, Gmail will already detect such emails.

The new tool is 38 percent more effective than Google’s earlier system. After internal testing, Google has also rolled it out for Gmail users.

Google's new RETVec tool works almost the same way as a human reading text It is a machine-learning TensorFlow model that predicts the actual meaning of word rather than their shape

How will this work

The company says it can work in more than 100 languages and is highly effective for security and anti-abuse apps.

t’s clear that email has become an essential part of daily communication. And whether you’re submitting a job application or staying in touch with a loved one, your emails should be safe and secure.